Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t worked with you before, so how can I trust you?  

QTC is registered in the US and China. NDA/Contract shall be signed before production. We are always believe every business is based on trust. We are trying our best to earn every client’s trust based on our professional services. In past years, we have successfully helped over 400 clients producing more than 1000 products in China. The client satisfaction rate is over 99%.

Do QTC clients have account managers?

Yes. Most certainly, all our clients have dedicated account managers who are on call for you throughout the life of your service agreement. We have excellent people across the board.

How do you protect intellectual property, and how do you make sure a factory doesn’t knock off my product?

We have confidentiality agreements in place with each of our factories, and we also have a lawyer on retainer in China to assist in enforcing legal agreements should the need arise. The best move you can make on your own behalf is to put into place as much intellectual property protection as the law allows via patents, copyrights, trademarks, and industrial design rights. Without IP protection, if you have a popular product in the market place, no matter how securely we protect you on the China side, your biggest risk will be from someone buying your product off the store shelf and having it copied anywhere in the world.

How do you search suppliers in China?

We have 500+ pre-qualified suppliers in our database. We’ll find out the manufacturing area of your products(Electronic products in Shenzhen, kids toys in Shantou, Christmas products in Yiwu, etc.). Then, we decide to search the right factories or wholesalers depending on products, quantities, and your requirements.We get quotes and information from all these suppliers, and will check their sample quality, then report you all details.

How do I start working with QTC?

Drop us an inquiry with your most convenient contact methods and details on the most ideal assistance we can provide. From there we’ll walk you through how QTC will work on your behalf and guide you through our payment process.

Why should we choose your company over the next?

You should choose QTC because we are a New York established professional China manufacturing firm that makes China manufacturing and sourcing easy and risk-free. Our best customers are often those who have tried to go to China on their own before and failed. We can provide substantial cost savings over most competitors and you deal directly with a U.S. company that makes China transparent to you.

For more questions  Please contact us.